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Like Stars in the Darkness

Thursday, November 16, 21:00
Teatro Cucinelli

Come stelle nel buio tells the story of two sisters who have lived together for years in a villa, in the green hills of Naple’s Posillipo quarter. Both sisters enjoyed success in the past. Gina had been a ballerina and singer – a child prodigy who, however, wasn’t able to stay up to par. Bianca had been a successful film actress, however her career was ruined at its peak when a serious road accident forced her to spend the rest of her days in a wheelchair. Now Bianca is consumed by depression, as she remembers her glorious past full of films, interview and red carpets. Gina is instead bogged down in alcoholism: she raves, taking her frustration out on her sister, and starts to nurture an insane plan to make a comeback. Yet at this point, the footlights have been turned off forever, and all that remains are the faces of two stars in the darkness of their vanity. The roles of victim and oppressor become entangled here, in a gloomy chiaroscuro with touches of noir. Gina and Bianca continue their ironic and grotesque lives, with no prospect of absolution or liberation. Only when their lives are coming to an end, do the two sisters stand by the sea and allow themselves to be comforted by a new tenderness. In recognizing their human weakness in its entirety, perhaps they will be able to forgive one another.

by Igor Esposito

Director Valerio Binasco

with Isabella Ferrari and Iaia Forte

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